A Backpack That Doesn’t Give Up

If you’re a man on the move, you need to choose your travel accessories very wisely. You’ll be outdoors and traveling for the most part of your day so you should be prepared for all the little hurdles of the outdoors that you face along the way. For instance, what’s your game plan for the tie it starts raining and shelter is a little distance away? You carry your valuables with you and most of them won’t do very well against the rain. The answer? You should buy a Mengar backpack so you’re ready for whatever weather mother-nature can throw your way.

If you’re carrying your laptop so that you can work whenever you need to, or if you carry your camera with you so that you can take snaps on your way whenever the opportunity arises then you’re more than just a traveller. You being on the move might be your very livelihood. This makes your backpack your little workplace in a way and that’s all the more reason to invest in it wisely.

Most backpack manufacturers realise this but they just don’t offer solutions that are good enough. You’ll find that a lot of them come with this parachute like cover that’s in the under pocket. Putting this on your bag might offer some protection against the rain but it’s not going to make your backpack any more resistant to water getting inside of it and ruining your things. With a 35 L capacity, it makes a lot of sense to have a water resistant backpack. You’ll carry more of your things in it and since it can rain anytime, the items you carry are at risk unless you have a Mengar backpack.

Everything There is to Know About Business Coaching

While running a business, not everything works in a perfect way. Sometimes one can feel the pressure and it can seem like a burden because with being the sole owner comes a lot of responsibility and you do not want to mess it up as a lot of people are relying on you to make all the right decisions. However, just like everything else in this world, having a mentor or a coach really helps people in making the decisions. This is where the role of a business coach comes in. If you have never heard of business coaching, then you are probably missing out on a valuable source of information and experience.

Make sure to sign yourself up for a session if you have never attended one. A lot of the accountancy firms these days hold business coaching sessions for entrepreneurs, in case you are on the lookout for one, we would highly recommend that you look up Roberts & Cowling and their business coaching testimonials. With that being said, this article will serve as a guide for those who do not have much knowledge about business coaching, every important detail will be jotted down and compiled, check it out below.

Since most business owners can make do with someone who will be able to give them advice related to the business matters for their company to grow and prosper but have no one to turn to or think they have little resources when it comes to lookup to someone. Although the internet is very resourceful, it cannot have all the answers in one place. So the next best thing is to go for a business coaching session.

Business coaching is done by a business coach for are mostly experienced business owners and entrepreneurs who have decided to utilize their experiences and skills to help other businesses in reaching their own goals.

The Latest Soccer Prodigy: Kylian Mbappe

19 years old Kylian Mbappe would never have believed that in just a few months his exceptional skills as a soccer player would help him soar to such heights. Part of the national team of France, Mbappe has become an icon in the global soccer world. Everyone wants to know him, he’s earnings huge amounts of money and even Nike has partnered with him to design special sneakers. The last year has been a rollercoaster ride for Mbappe, one that completely turned his life over, but in a good way. In the last year of his teenage life, Mbappe is enjoying a lifestyle that many of us dream about but never get to experience.

Mbappe’s skills had been praised by his European fans for a long time now, his loyal followers were steadfast about their speculation that Mbappe would become the next big thing in soccer. However, despite his loyal fans and superb skills, Mbappe was not a prolific player. His fan base was mostly from Europe before 2018 when he finally made his mark. Currently, Mbappe has around 20 million followers on his Instagram account and his name is on the lips of every serious soccer player across the world.

This teenage prodigy came in the limelight in the September of 2018, the Qatari owners of PSG made an agreement with AS Monaco to transfer Mbappe back to Paris for around 180,000,000 Euros. They also offered to give Mbappe a monthly salary of approximately 1,500,000 Euros. This made Mbappe the highest paid and most costly teenage soccer player in the world. Mbappe began earning a seven figure monthly salary at an age at which most teenagers are graduating from high school.

The Qatari owners were willing to pay an insane amount of money for such a young player, and by the looks of it, this investment has really paid off. Mbappe secured thirteen goals in the French Ligue, bringing the PSG trophy home. His achievements in the French Ligue helped him get in France’s national team and this eventually led to Mbappe becoming a world renowned player after his performance in the latest FIFA World Cup.

One could say with confidence that Mbappe had a major role in securing the FIFA trophy for France in 2018. What makes this even more interesting is the fact that he is the first teenage player in the last six decades to have bagged the World Cup final. Mbappe’s story is almost fairy tale like; he rose from nothing to one of the most prolific soccer players out there at the moment. He is certainly brimming with potential and there are countless people eagerly waiting to see where his career as a soccer player takes him. Will Mbappe continue to make his mark? Or will he end up as a one-time thing? Only time will be able to answer these questions for us. So far, Mbappe’s sudden fame has not managed to reach his head, and hopefully things will remain as they are.

Here’s Why Diego Maradona is a Legend in Football

There are many memorable players in the world of football, players who have left their mark in the halls of fame and also on the hearts of their fans. However, there are very few players who have managed to do both, and Diego Maradona is easily one of them. Diego’s football career started at the age of 16 when he made his very first Primera Division goal. Diego went through eleven league matches before his exceptional talent was noted. He was then enrolled into the senior Argentina squad. This was where Diego played international for the first time; as sixty fifth minute substitute in the match against Hungary.

Diego got his fair share of international exposure considering his age at the time. However, his coach thought that Diego was simply too young (17) to face the pressure that came with playing an international match on his home soil in 1978. Diego did not get a chance to play this match, but Argentina still managed to secure a victory.

Diego got his chance to shine in 1979’s FIFA World Youth Championship that took place in Japan. Argentina won here and Diego was awarded the Golden Ball, making him the only player besides Messi to a get a Golden Ball in the under 20s world cup and the real world cup as well. 1978 wasn’t the best year of his career since he didn’t get to shine in that year, however, Diego went on to play in 4 more tournaments in the future.

In 1986, Diego managed to get in 5 goals and 5 assists, this was the moment where he managed to make a name for himself. Diego further elevated his name when he managed to secure a 3 to 1 win against South Korea. What made this win exceptionally good was the fact that despite the team’s captain having abandoned them, they still stood their ground against South Korea.

Diego spent around 5 years playing with the smaller leagues until he became noticeable enough to catch the interest of some of Europe’s biggest parties. Diego was taken by Barcelona in the end, but he did not come cheap. The club had to pay an astonishing 3,000,000 pounds for his transfer, setting a new world record for transferring. Diego stuck with Barcelona for two seasons, after which the club decided to send him back to Italy. His time with Barcelona had been a troubling one, and according to Diego, his leaving the club quietly was the best course of action for him and the club.

Diego Maradona’s career is filled with ups and downs that are accompanied with bursts of exceptional performance. His somewhat erratic performance is exactly why Diego has become loved by so many, an icon in the football world that no one is going to forget soon. The football fields seldom manage to produce players that are so captivating, which is why Diego Maradona is easily one of the best players out there to date.

8 Great Soccer Songs

Soccer, it gets your blood boiling, it makes you feel alive, and it brings with it a feverish excitement that envelopes soccer fans around the world. Whether it’s a match that has your favourite team in it, the beginning of a new season or the world cup, watching soccer is a festive occasion. Fans scream, laugh, shout, and even have sing alongs as they watch their favourite players battle it out on the playing field.

The best thing about soccer is that there are a number of songs out there that are perfect for singing with your friends or with the crowd as the match goes on. Let’s take a look at a few songs that we think are perfect for singing during a match.

#1 Ole Ole Ole By The Fans

This 1987 classic is pretty much synonymous with soccer. Even people who are not into soccer know the song since its addictive, fun to sing, and you get to hear it being chanted by the crowd in almost every other match.

#2 World In Motion By New Order

The British has a special love for soccer that can be felt in this groovy, post punk track that was produced by the New Order specifically for soccer.

#3 Soccer Field By Devonte Hynes

This instrumental piece was made for Palo Alto, a 2014 drama about soccer. This synth driven track plays in the background as the drama shows the players running about on the field with all of their focus on the ball beneath their feet and the goal in front of them. Soccer Field captures the intensity and emotion of the field quite well.

#4 The Cup of Life By Rick Martin

A classic single by Rick Martin, The Cup of Life comes from the album Vuelve and it is another soccer classic. The jumble of horns and whistles in this track can pump up even the dullest crowd, it’s no wonder why this track is the official FIFA anthem as well.

#5 Soccer Ball By Baby Blue

Despite the song’s name, it isn’t exactly about soccer. However, its classical hop vibes makes this song a pretty good listen. Remember, as long as a song as adding to your ambience, then it’s a good song.

#6 Wavin’ Flag By K’Naan

A definite crowd pleaser, Wavin’ Flag was played at the 2010 FIFA World Cup and it became a hit thanks to its carefree and spirited tones.

#7 Soccer (Instrumental) By Jonpaw

Instrumentals can be great for building the mood and this electric piece does just that. It can get you in the mood for a raging match and is a superb track to play when there is a lot of tension in a room.

#8 Soccer 2016 By The Goal

Electric music is great because its energy packed and infectious. This particular track can easily drive a crowd wild with its energizing tones. It’s been played many times in the stadiums of France and is bound to be a superb addition to your soccer music collection.

What is TopSoccer?

TOPSoccer is a modified version of the game of soccer, designed to provide opportunities for special needs children ages 4-19. It provides a very affordable opportunity for fitness, fun and building self-esteem.

  • Modifications are made to the game to allow full participation and enjoyment to each child.
  • One-on-one assistance is available to those who need it.
  • It offers a recreational, leisure approach to the game of soccer.
  • TOPSoccer is coordinated through your local soccer community organization.

TOPSoccer (The Outreach program for Soccer) is a community-based training and team placement program for young athletes with special needs.

The TOPSoccer program is designed and administered by US Youth Soccer and its volunteer TOPSoccer committee provides meaningful learning, development and physical participation opportunities to these young athletes through the game of soccer.


A TOPSoccer player is defined as any youth player between the ages of 4 and 19 who has a disability that limits their ability to perform at the level of play in which they have chosen to participate.


TOPSoccer was formed to perpetuate the US Youth Soccer mission statement, which is, to foster the physical, mental and emotional growth and development through the sport of soccer at all levels of age and competition.

Our goal is to enable the thousands of young athletes with disabilities to develop their physical fitness, technical skills, courage and self-esteem, through the joy and excitement of playing soccer.


Listed below are some amazing facts on the prevalence of disabilities within our society. These facts are the latest available from the 1990 Census conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau.

  • There are 48.9 million people with disabilities. 7 million have mental disabilities
  • 50,000 children a year become disabled through accidents.
  • 150,000 babies are born each year with a birth defect.


There are thousands of children with disabilities who need, and can be provided with the opportunity to play soccer through the TOPSoccer Program. The TOPSoccer program would not exist without the countless hours donated by dedicated volunteers across the country. Yet, we need more volunteers to help make this a reality for these children. If you believe in the statement “the gift of life is the gift of giving,” you are on the right track to becoming a volunteer.