Here’s Why Diego Maradona is a Legend in Football

There are many memorable players in the world of football, players who have left their mark in the halls of fame and also on the hearts of their fans. However, there are very few players who have managed to do both, and Diego Maradona is easily one of them. Diego’s football career started at the age of 16 when he made his very first Primera Division goal. Diego went through eleven league matches before his exceptional talent was noted. He was then enrolled into the senior Argentina squad. This was where Diego played international for the first time; as sixty fifth minute substitute in the match against Hungary.

Diego got his fair share of international exposure considering his age at the time. However, his coach thought that Diego was simply too young (17) to face the pressure that came with playing an international match on his home soil in 1978. Diego did not get a chance to play this match, but Argentina still managed to secure a victory.

Diego got his chance to shine in 1979’s FIFA World Youth Championship that took place in Japan. Argentina won here and Diego was awarded the Golden Ball, making him the only player besides Messi to a get a Golden Ball in the under 20s world cup and the real world cup as well. 1978 wasn’t the best year of his career since he didn’t get to shine in that year, however, Diego went on to play in 4 more tournaments in the future.

In 1986, Diego managed to get in 5 goals and 5 assists, this was the moment where he managed to make a name for himself. Diego further elevated his name when he managed to secure a 3 to 1 win against South Korea. What made this win exceptionally good was the fact that despite the team’s captain having abandoned them, they still stood their ground against South Korea.

Diego spent around 5 years playing with the smaller leagues until he became noticeable enough to catch the interest of some of Europe’s biggest parties. Diego was taken by Barcelona in the end, but he did not come cheap. The club had to pay an astonishing 3,000,000 pounds for his transfer, setting a new world record for transferring. Diego stuck with Barcelona for two seasons, after which the club decided to send him back to Italy. His time with Barcelona had been a troubling one, and according to Diego, his leaving the club quietly was the best course of action for him and the club.

Diego Maradona’s career is filled with ups and downs that are accompanied with bursts of exceptional performance. His somewhat erratic performance is exactly why Diego has become loved by so many, an icon in the football world that no one is going to forget soon. The football fields seldom manage to produce players that are so captivating, which is why Diego Maradona is easily one of the best players out there to date.

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