Getting Rid of Those Buzzing Mosquitoes

If it’s that damp, hot season again then you already dread what’s about to come. Yes, mosquitos will be out and about soon. To be fair, mosquitos are among us all the time. Any time of the year, you go into the bushes, you’ll find tonnes of them. However, mosquitos won’t actually start to bite you till it’s time for them to start spawning.

Male mosquitos remain mostly vegetarian throughout the year but when it’s time to breed, the females need some of that extra protein and that’s when their tendencies towards vampirism come forward as well. Mosquito bites really itch and it’s just annoying. However, asides from the annoying itches, being bitten by a mosquito also means danger. There are many dangerous diseases carried by grassland mosquitos and if the wrong kind of mosquito decides to take some of your blood, you could come down with a disease such as malaria or dengue fever.

The first thing that you can do to help save people from being bitten by dangerous disease-carrying mosquitos is to make sure that you drain every stagnant water source you have. This way, the mosquito larvae won’t get a chance to hatch. If there’s a pond in your home, add a few fish to it – they love eating mosquitos and their larvae.

You should also get your hand on a mosquito killing fume such as orkin so you can rid your home of mosquitos for some time. You can contact pest control services to fumigate your entire property with orkin so all the mosquitos in the immediate vicinity are killed. You should get this kind of a treatment done to your home each time the humid season comes around because that’s when the mosquitos get blood hungry.

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