8 Great Soccer Songs

Soccer, it gets your blood boiling, it makes you feel alive, and it brings with it a feverish excitement that envelopes soccer fans around the world. Whether it’s a match that has your favourite team in it, the beginning of a new season or the world cup, watching soccer is a festive occasion. Fans scream, laugh, shout, and even have sing alongs as they watch their favourite players battle it out on the playing field.

The best thing about soccer is that there are a number of songs out there that are perfect for singing with your friends or with the crowd as the match goes on. Let’s take a look at a few songs that we think are perfect for singing during a match.

#1 Ole Ole Ole By The Fans

This 1987 classic is pretty much synonymous with soccer. Even people who are not into soccer know the song since its addictive, fun to sing, and you get to hear it being chanted by the crowd in almost every other match.

#2 World In Motion By New Order

The British has a special love for soccer that can be felt in this groovy, post punk track that was produced by the New Order specifically for soccer.

#3 Soccer Field By Devonte Hynes

This instrumental piece was made for Palo Alto, a 2014 drama about soccer. This synth driven track plays in the background as the drama shows the players running about on the field with all of their focus on the ball beneath their feet and the goal in front of them. Soccer Field captures the intensity and emotion of the field quite well.

#4 The Cup of Life By Rick Martin

A classic single by Rick Martin, The Cup of Life comes from the album Vuelve and it is another soccer classic. The jumble of horns and whistles in this track can pump up even the dullest crowd, it’s no wonder why this track is the official FIFA anthem as well.

#5 Soccer Ball By Baby Blue

Despite the song’s name, it isn’t exactly about soccer. However, its classical hop vibes makes this song a pretty good listen. Remember, as long as a song as adding to your ambience, then it’s a good song.

#6 Wavin’ Flag By K’Naan

A definite crowd pleaser, Wavin’ Flag was played at the 2010 FIFA World Cup and it became a hit thanks to its carefree and spirited tones.

#7 Soccer (Instrumental) By Jonpaw

Instrumentals can be great for building the mood and this electric piece does just that. It can get you in the mood for a raging match and is a superb track to play when there is a lot of tension in a room.

#8 Soccer 2016 By The Goal

Electric music is great because its energy packed and infectious. This particular track can easily drive a crowd wild with its energizing tones. It’s been played many times in the stadiums of France and is bound to be a superb addition to your soccer music collection.

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